Sunday, February 17, 2008

MAINS Pioneer Graduates

After a long year of study, they are now our new Masters! Please congratulate the MAINS graduates!

Some of the graduates were participants of the 2006 Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School. They were given scholarship by The May 18 Memorial Foundation based on their performance during the folk school. Now they are the pioneers, the first batch of the MAINS program.

Congratulations to Nilani, Pinpaka, Mamun and the rest of the graduates.

Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies (MAINS)

MAINS is jointly offered by the Inter-Asia Graduate School of NGO Studies at SungKongHoe University and the Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives.

Its multidisciplinary curriculum, integrating academic and practitioners' training with dynamic changes occurring in Asia and the globe, is unique in the field of studies on social changes, non-governmental organizations and civil society. The curriculum covers a wide range of current issues of international relations from both regional and global perspectives as a major field of studies, placing a special focus on the development of solidarity among civil society constituents.

MAINS is intended for the people who have been contributing or have the potential to contribute to a better understanding of or leading social changes in Asia. Benefiting from both academic and practical resources offered by two distinct host institutions, MAINS offers both intense and flexible preparation for either those seeking leadership and skills for more just and equitable social changes in Asia, or those seeking further studies in the field.

The graduates posing in front of the Auditorium

Mamun, Pinpaka, Nay Thun

Nay Thun with Burmese comrades

Nay Thun and Chris

Pinpaka, Chris, and Nilani
the graduates and me
MAINS graduate being acknowledge - a screen shot from another auditorium
Proud, happy graduates in front of the stage

A video message of thanks by Nilani

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