Wednesday, December 12, 2007

518 Nominated to the OneWorld's Person of 2007

Ms. Anna Malindog, Executive Director of PPDD nominated The May 18 Memorial Foundation for the Oneworld's Person of 2007 - Nominate a Trailblazer, check out the link below:

Thanks Anna for the nomination.

This is the call for the award:
OneWorld's Person of 2007 - Nominate a Trailblazer

Who do you think should be OneWorld's "Person of 2007"? Maybe it's someone who was working at the grassroots to bring change to their community or their country. Maybe someone working to improve governments' policies towards marginalized people. Or someone who raised issues that others were neglecting.

Al Gore came in second place last year, after a close vote where OneWorlders chose Dr. Rashad Zidan and the women of Iraq as the People of the Year, for "their tireless work to keep families together through the terrors of war." Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf certainly deserves some consideration this year for what she's done to bring stability to Liberia after years of war. What about Muhammad Yunus, the "father" of microfinance? Or Matt Flannery, the founder of, which is bringing microfinance into the living rooms of the United States.

It doesn't have to be a single person either. Is there a corporation, an organization, or other group you'd like to nominate? The founders of Skype were nominated last year, for "helping connect people from all around the world." So was the town of Kinsale, Ireland, which has adopted a plan to wean itself off of fossil fuels. How about Bill Clinton? Hillary?

We'll leave it there. Now you tell us who you would nominate for OneWorld's Person of 2007 -- and why! Leave your nomination(s) in the comment fields below by Wednesday, December 19.

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