Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Message from the President

Glad to see you, Ladies and Gentlemen who love the month, May.
The value and the meaning of the May 18 Democratic Uprising has been taking a important position due to your interest and expectation. May 18 Memorial Foundation and all families related to May would like to appreciate everybody.

We will have 10th anniversary in the coming Aug. this year(2004), which means the valuable moment of Foundation. We will make an effort to proceed our memorial project well. May 18 has been changed from violent riot to Gwangju uprising, and then to Gwangju Democratic Uprising. Therefore, we are at the critical turning point.

The reason for the standout of May 18 when Korean democracy faces the hard time makes us think of once more. Because it was the lofty democratic uprising to take the human being's general worth such as human rights, democracy, and unification.

We have an historical mission of commemorating and succeeding the May 18 Democratic Uprising. Nationwide and worldwide effort based on harmonized organization should be continued. It is true we have achieved 5th compensation for national meritorious people, a meaningful result, although it has been 10 years and suffering from difficulties since last '94. It is because of many people who have been leading the foundation from the beginning.

I would like to give my thank and respect to all people to have been struggling and striving, and to follow their track for making the foundation stand at first throughout the world.

May 18 is not only for Gwangju citizen commemorating it, but for every Korean. It would be a main role to bring the unification. It is the time for everybody to be with May 18.

Please give me many concern and support, which spur me on everybody's wishes.

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